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Series U/HC

Series U/HC The series U/HC centrifugal fans are designed to take up fumes or air, even slightly dusty, at temperatures of up to a maximum 80°C.
These fans are used for all domestic and industrial applications requiring the removal of large volumes of ducted air.
The outlet of the spot-welded steel sheet spiral casings are fitted with securing flanges. The special holes make it possible to orient the fan discharge angle in 45° steps by rotating either clockwise RD or counterclockwise LG (see discharge direction table).
The steel sheet impellers with forward curved “Sirocco”-type blades, have been carefully balanced, both statically and dynamically, and are connected directly to the motor shaft.
The motors installed are asynchronous, three-phase or single-phase, 2 or 4 poles, B5, self-ventilated, designed for continuous service and are UNEL and IEC compliant.

RPinlet protection net
RAintaking joint
RFinlet flanged fitting
CAinlet counter-flange
FLinlet filter
SFthrottle valve
SIiris flow control
RMoutlet protection net
CMoutlet counter-flange
QToutlet square-round joint
BAmotor support base

Iris flow control (SI) from mod. U/HC 122
Motor support base (BA) from mod. U/HC 122

AImade of stainless steel AISI 304 to extract corrosive fumes
ASanti-spark version in accordance with ANIMA-COAER standards (table NV105)
HZmanufactured to work at Hz. 60
HTconveyed fluid temperature up to a maximum of 250°C (this version is made with longer shaft motor and extra cooling fan)
THhigh protection for use in tropical climate with high degree of humidity

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