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Series U/CT

The U/CT series centrifugal roof fans are designed to extract stale air, vapours and fumes, even if slightly dusty, at temperatures of up to a maximum 80C.
They are widely used for ventilation and air exchange in civil and industrial buildings, particularly those with a duct system.
The fully steel sheet structure is treated with special powders to protect against atmospheric agents. These fans have an anchoring base for simple installation and are fitted with waterproof roof and sturdy protection grid to protect the impeller from accidental impact of foreign bodies.
The high performance steel sheet backward blades impellers have been perfectly balanced both statically and dynamically and are connected directly to the motor shaft.
The motors are asynchronous, three-phase or single-phase, B5, with IP55 protection, self-ventilated, designed for continuous service and are UNEL and IEC compliant.

Serie U/CT
AImade of stainless steel AISI 304 to extract corrosive fumes
ASanti-spark version in accordance with ANIMA-COAER standards (table NV105)
HZmanufactured to work at Hz. 60
HTconveyed fluid temperature up to a maximum of 250C (this version is made with longer shaft motor and extra cooling fan)
THhigh protection for use in tropical climate with high degree of humidity

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